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Body scrubs are regarded as a symbol of purity, wisdom, divinity and grace. Being scrubbed, wrapped and nourished is a wellbeing experience to harmonize the mind, body and soul. They are often given before massage to stimulate the metabolism and oxygenate the cells. Toxins are flushed out, thereby easing fluid retention as well as removing dead cells from the skin’s surface.


Afterwards, skin becomes smooth, radiant and rejuvenated. A truly nourishing experience will happen because of you!




ambiance of calm


This unique full body exfoliating treatment will rejuvenate your skin leaving it smoother and radiant


30 minutes  |  $80




after the sun balm


This restorative body balm will deeply sooth your skin bringing it back to a state of well being. This treatment combines chamomile cold compresses with a restorative hydrating vegetable mask


40 minutes  |  $90




pure balance


This treatment offers a combination body therapy of a 45 minute Swedish massage and a full body 30 minute exfoliation. Balancing your inner muscles as well as your skin


75 minutes  |  $180




rejuvenation for mind, body & soul


Indulge yourself from head to toe with our most luxurious body scrub, including a doTERRA peppermint oil scalp massage, a mini facial and a foot massage


90 minutes  |  $230