personal training


fitness training

Fitness Training is a must when it comes to achieving balance between Mind, Body and Soul. Our Fitness Professionals are trained to design a unique program based on bio individuality. Our goal is to make sure every client is left feeling more energized, accomplished and happy. We work very closely with each individual helping them with dietary plan, overall wellbeing and connecting to Self.




private consultation

1 Hour  |  $100

1/2 Hour  |  $70


semi-private consultation

1 Hour  |  $70 each person

1/2 Hour  |  $50 each person


group (Minimum of 4)

1 Hour  |  $55 each person

1/2 Hour  |  $45 each person

health coaching

Health Coaching is one on one consultation that focuses on overall goals of each individual. We are committed to creating a unique plan that is based on lifestyle, needs and goals. The consultation includes a dietary plan and suggestions on how to improve quality of life for each human being.





$150 / Hour


monthly program

$250 / Month